, the one behind NodeJS, Electron & webpack has an announcement!

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OpenJS Foundation

If you’ve never heard about the OpenJS Foundation, you probably have two questions in mind, let me answer those:

What is the purpose of the OpenJS Foundation?

Promote the widespread adoption and development of key JavaScript solutions…

I searched long for tools to tame JavaScript and I found them

3 mainstream, 2 obscure, 1 in the rise

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I’ve coded for years with statically typed languages, I started with Assembler, moved to C, passing through Visual Basic and C#, but all my understanding about software changed when I moved to JavaScript.

My Frist Experience with JavaScript

When I decided to try JavaScript for the first time, I coded in Sublime Text, it was…

I have a hard time believing in bitcoin; it’s so surreal, yet I’ve invested and traded for years now 🤯

Talking about crypto is almost like talking about religion or politics today.

Yet you probably will find like-minded folks in the comments 💬

Am I missing the bitcoin phenomenon because I’m not 100% there? Is this what the .com era was years back?

I think it is quite similar, but…

Do you use Expo or bare metal React Native?

Expo makes my experience working with React Native way more pleasant and stable, makes my development cycle fluid, and brings higher libraries’ stability.

But wait! What is Expo? 🤔

Expo is a framework and platform for React Native apps!

That’s right, a framework for a framework, sooo meta.

A framework…

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